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Carthage, MO Federal Signal 508-128 & Pittsburg, KS Whelen WPS-2907

Wed Jul 11, 2018 10:34 pm

Today, I went to Carthage, MO to film this Federal Signal 508-128. This would be my first 508 recording and I'd say I was quite impressed how loud it was. I also forgot my ear protection so I was forced to cover my ears unfortunately. Sirens in Carthage are tested monthly on the second Wednesday at 10 AM (weather permitting).

After the filming the 508-128, I went to Pittsburg, KS to film this Whelen WPS-2907. This siren replaced a Thunderbolt which is located not far from it near the aquatic center. The test was rescheduled for today since the first Wednesday was a holiday. Sirens in Pittsburg are tested monthly on the first Wednesday at 12 PM (weather permitting).
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