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Couldn't go recording due to extraneous reasons I do not wish to discuss, but I figured I might as well get an ambience recording from my house. I just set my phone on my patio; the squeaking noises were me closing my back door. Two hours after this video was shot we were in the middle of a thunderstorm...interesting how weather changes so quickly.

Nearest siren is an FS 2001-130. According to my phone GPS, the park in which the siren is located at is 1.9 miles away, although that's measuring the distances on the roads (from the park in a straight line to my house it is probably more like 1.5 miles away, because the road takes us in a little circle so to speak). Siren was installed in March 2017. Tests are conducted every Saturday at Noon from April-October with tests lasting approximately 90 seconds; and tests do not depend on weather conditions as the sirens would only be activated if an actual tornado touches down. In my opinion, that's too late, but that's up to Dispatch, Fire, and Police to decide. The siren is a lot louder in this direction especially if winds are blowing to the southwest, which is the direction in which the camera and the siren are facing. But it does a decent job covering the outdoors and given that's the purpose of sirens, it works quite well. I recorded this with my good camera (Canon Vixia HFR700) as well and the audio turned out better than on my iPhone 7 but I just uploaded the version from my phone because I was on my phone at the time and didn't feel like putting the video from my camera through the editor and have to export and then upload it, so I just used the trimmed video from my phone.

emofficer wrote:Doesn't seem too loud from 1.5 miles away, but would get your attention if outdoors still.
Yeah. It was louder in person hearing it; the microphone on my phone sometimes makes things sound quieter than they actually are. But yeah it definitely still gets your attention.

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