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This forum is for posting any siren-related media. Such as: YouTube, Flickr, or even a news site.
I MAY have to reupload... my internet is bad and unsecured here so... yea...

EDIT: nope! Uploaded fine! So this was taken on the roof of little America in wyoming. It was my first time hearing a dual toned siren so close and it was pretty epic! Normally I talk in my videos but (as demonstrated in the end) you wouldn’t have heard me very well, if at all.
Can you get a Streetview link for my map?
I’m on my phone because I live in my semi... but next I’m on a computer I’ll try! (Or by me saying this someone could probably link it here...)
Ehhhh... let’s just say I didn’t make the most responsible choice for my hearing that day... but in all honesty I didn’t feel any pain or hear any distortion... in other words: it was loud but not super loud to me personally.
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