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By fire_freak_57
I received info from a friend in my school district who’s also a siren enthusiast that the Cuyahoga SW Siren System has changed their testing time to the second Saturday at noon, instead of the first Saturday at noon like it has been for many years. This information also came from another siren enthusiast as well as the Independence Fire Department. The systems on the SW activation frequency are Independence, Seven Hills, Brooklyn Heights, Cuyahoga Heights, and probably a couple other municipalities I’m forgetting. I can also validate this test change in person since the entire SW side of the county didn’t test on the first Saturday in December (2017). We thought they just forgot at the time but it was later learned that their new test time was already in effect by then. Strangely enough none of the cities’ websites have anything about the time change, but I’m gonna take the FD’s word for it especially since it makes more since now why they didn’t test on the first Saturday. Plus another enthusiast with a scanner was monitoring that frequency last Saturday and was able to confirm that no tones were sent out for the system activations, conforming what the FD had said. AFAIK, the change went into effect immediately starting last December. Of course the other municipalities in the county that test weekly (like Brecksville and Lakewood) won’t be affected by this change as the cities themselves own and operate those systems from their own dispatch centers. It just so happens that while the systems in the above mentioned list test monthly and are activated by SW county dispatch, even though those systems are owned by the cities themselves.

Just wanted to make everyone aware of this change.
Phone Goat wrote:
Sat Jan 13, 2018 8:42 pm
i was in cuyhoga co. and saw no sirens...
You must have been in Cleveland. They don’t have any sirens. I know there’s plenty of sirens (in communities in the county that choose to have them) because I’ve seen them because I live in Northeast Ohio. But you are correct that there is no countywide system of any sort.

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