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By KGK1234
jgardner48 wrote:
Thu Jul 13, 2017 10:57 pm
KGK1234 wrote:
Thu Jul 13, 2017 10:39 pm
Phil Bader wrote:
Thu Jul 13, 2017 9:59 pm
Not sure what this is, but it looks like a lot like W.S. Darley to me.

https://www.google.com/maps/@41.1565253 ... 312!8i6656
It's a Darley Champion missing the other chopper/stator.
I like the T-Bolt in the backround
Yeah, Litchfield has an interesting siren setup. They have that Champion, a Thunderbolt, and a Screamer. The Champion is dead, the Thunderbolt goes off for weather, and I think the Screamer does a noon blast.
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By Darley Champion
Missouri1000Tfan wrote:
Tue Jul 18, 2017 3:56 pm
Does anybody know what kind of siren this is? //photos.app.goo.gl/pMm5UxPXhbmhCLoE2 Location: S Main St & S 4th St, Jasper, MO
It looks like one of those German 3-port sirens... but the motor seems too small
Possible stator ports
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