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This section is for discussing any type of warning device that is not specifically an outdoor warning siren.
Such as factory alarms, whistles, fire horns, fire engine sirens, fog horns, etc..
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By estokke09
Even though I have been trying to sell a lot of my sirens I found this on eBay the other day and couldn't pass it up. It is a 6-port Kidde CO2 powered fire suppression siren. Before a CO2 fire suppression system would discharge this would go off beforehand to warn of the impending release of CO2 gas. It is made mostly of brass with a steel grille. I believe a few others on here may have one of these but I don't believed they have been discussed in-depth before.
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By 4J25
That's something you don't see every day. Nice catch!
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By Model L
so is the siren itself powered by co2? or is it motor powered.also, it looks amazing! great find!
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By Tyler
Model L wrote:
Fri Apr 14, 2017 9:24 pm
so is the siren itself powered by co2? or is it motor powered.also, it looks amazing! great find!
Yes, it's like a mini hurricane except using CO2 instead of compressed air. That siren actually won't work with compressed air.
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By estokke09
I tried it and it does work with compressed air however it's not loud at all compared to with CO2
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By estokke09
Here ya go! The only things I added to it are the air line fitting and bushing. Running it on a 20 gallon compressor at 120PSI this thing is pretty loud!
IMG_2238 (800x600).jpg
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By Daniel
I had one but I sold it. I didn't know it was meant for CO2.
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