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This section is for discussing any type of warning device that is not specifically an outdoor warning siren.
Such as factory alarms, whistles, fire horns, fire engine sirens, fog horns, etc..
By bonzailyte
Hi i pulled this off a 1920's Mansion in Baltimore, Maryland (USA) Trying to identify the manufacture and or model number. (i now realize i should have grabbed the panel as well but im currently the Project manager there so i can always go back :P) anywho.... any info would be helpful. and yes i did search and registered just to ask :D thanks for your time.

sorry the pics were taken with an old webcam (was lazy ill take better ones if you need)
Picture 3.jpg
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Picture 2.jpg
Picture 2.jpg (243.79 KiB) Viewed 370 times
Picture 5.jpg
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Picture 6.jpg
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Picture 4.jpg
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By jacob585
sorry that is a Federal of some sort I did not see the logo on top.
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By Glist
jacob585 wrote:
Sat Apr 21, 2018 5:48 pm
That's no Federal, but it could be a HOR, Hedberg of some sort, or a B&M.
There's literally a Federal logo on the top.
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By Brendan W
It's one of the blast proof Federal indoor warning sirens. Basically it is a Model A or D with a different cover on it. The US Navy in particular liked them for use in ships. I saw one of these in the USS Alabama many years ago when I went there. Almost wonder why it would be in a mansion. Fire alarm perhaps? anyways, nice save!
ITSNOAH360 wrote:
Tue May 01, 2018 5:20 pm
Could it possibly be a model 66?
Nope. The ports are way too small to be a 66. They are much bigger, sharing them with the Model 28. The 66 would also (most likely) have a chrome bullet-shaped cover on the back as well. I believe the AX uses the same rotor as the Model A

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