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This section is for discussing any type of warning device that is not specifically an outdoor warning siren.
Such as factory alarms, whistles, fire horns, fire engine sirens, fog horns, etc..
...When you where in Kindergarten , I was a Freshman in High School......any way, I don't recall seeing anything like that , but that doesn't mean there never was in the Topeka Public schools. At one point in time , Topeka was a target city due to Forbes Air Force Base. By the time I started school, 1970, all we had was fire drills and Tornado drills.
I would imagine that the signal(s) where sent via a dedicated phone line or much the same way a signal would have been sent to a siren during the Cold War era.
If there was threatening weather, I do know as a fact that there would be a phone call made from the NWS Topeka office to the Unified School Dist. office where they had the ability to call all the schools at once via telephone.
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By Model L
it would be quite a simple thing to accomplish, although it could have been made up for the movie...
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By Daniel
By the 1980’s, those units were gone from public schools in Oregon, but most schools still had Model A-sized sirens in the hallways that were used as fire alarms.
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