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This section is for discussing any type of warning device that is not specifically an outdoor warning siren.
Such as factory alarms, whistles, fire horns, fire engine sirens, fog horns, etc..
By Taterworks
This is for all the fire alarm fans. In my boredom tonight, I created an audio file that can be used with electronic fire alarms (which are basically PA horns with strobes) that contains a multilingual message. The English message repeats, followed by a Spanish message, followed by the English message again, followed by French, English, and Arabic versions of the same message, with each voice message preceded by three 0.7-second horn bursts that sound similar to a Vibratone 120VAC horn. The voice is the female voice provided by Google Translate.

In my opinion, this is the ideal way to do a voice/tone fire alarm sequence. The announcement is very short, avoids creating panic, and delivers instructions. A small amount of harmonic distortion is added to the signal to increase perceived harshness, and a small amount of this type of distortion has been shown to enhance intelligibility.

You can download the sound here:

http://www.taterworks.com/www/music/fir ... ingual.mp3

If you need a high quality version of the same file, or your system cannot accept an mp3-format file, change .mp3 to .wav in the address bar. The .mp3 file sounds good and has a small download size.

I am making this file freely available, but I don't accept any liability if you use this file in an active fire alarm system.
By Taterworks
Here's another, a shelter-in-place announcement for a school or college campus building in case of a lockdown situation.


This one sounds kind of creepy and eerily realistic when played through my Atlas Soundolier VT-157 voice/tone speaker (also sold as Simplex 2902-9711). The voice was done using the NaturalReader Text To Speech Reader, using the free David voice. I then edited down the pauses using Audacity.

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