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This section is for discussing any type of warning device that is not specifically an outdoor warning siren.
Such as factory alarms, whistles, fire horns, fire engine sirens, fog horns, etc..
By Jfo137
Hello all,
My first post here, I was able to find a Benjamin H-9 Dive alarm with the Navy anchor stamp and dated 6-27-42. I am in the process of restoring it and have come up with an issue. On each end of the motor shaft there is a vertical lubrication cup which has a spring loaded cotton wick. When dissembling the alarm the cups have a grease like material in them. The problem is I don't know if that is grease of solidified oil. I don't know if i should use grease or some type of oil when i put in back together. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
That is what old Lithium grease looks like......since that unit shows a 1942 date that would have been , more than likely, bearing grease due to it being readily available during the material rationing that took place. Clean the old grease off and re-grease it....should work for another 75 years!
A lubricating oil would not have been used as it would have seeped out OR the cotton wick would always be saturated with oil, constantly dripping until it dripped dry. Oil that old would be very dark, like engine sludge, due to the break down of its properties and being exposed (even if very limited) to moisture.
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By Daniel
I don't know about the grease, but if the motor runs and as long as the stud on the diaphragm isn't too worn, the klaxon should be good for many more years.

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