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By bobcat418
I was in union NJ a month ago and i think i found what looks to be a HOR siro-drone or Fedelcode model 1 on top of an elementary school.
https://www.google.com/maps/place/Union ... 74.2631635

Any ideas?
It looks to be a HOR Siro-Drone. Also, welcome to the board!
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By PeachtreeSirens
That is an ASC OM-120 - something of a "Banshee v2".
By turtlbrdr
That is an ASC OM-120 - something of a "Banshee v2".
Ah, that would explain the similarities. And also why I couldn't identify it right off. An artifact from ACA to ASC's transitional period, how novel.
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By E57
I found that siren in Wallace, NE. I can't identify what siren this is...
The coordinates of the siren are 40°50'20.84"N 101° 9'56.03"W

https://www.google.de/maps/place/40%C2% ... 01.1655639
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