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By SiraTone
Many times when going to San Diego I’ve noticed at a beach near SONGS there is one of those WAVES style sirens. I’ve noticed them around Camp Pendleton in several areas but this one is easy to notice. Figured I’d share this since there’s a couple of these around SONGS on Camp Pendleton and nobody has posted about them. Attached below is a photo of the said and the two TBOLTs at SONGS. Please note the photos I shot was taken through the window of a train so it may not be the best. Also I don’t think this one is part of San Onofres system despite being near it.
Songs TBolt
9F264128-D2AA-4172-BDC0-E03D680167C7.jpeg (1.96 MiB) Viewed 957 times
5D29406F-C73A-408A-8151-B387DBB0ACEF.jpeg (1.06 MiB) Viewed 957 times
“WAVES” Siren
7A2015DA-216C-49DC-8944-D407F9889FBF.jpeg (1.9 MiB) Viewed 957 times
Great pictures! When I went to SONGS for a tour in November they just tested them since both their rotators were in a different direction. These pictures show that the horns have moved a different direction since they were in a different direction when I went on the tour ,they told me they test them every 3 months since they are the evacuation sirens for the plant ,and they are not hooked up with the Whelens. Also since I know the emergency director really well ,she is currently finding the other Model 120s and hopefully I can acquire one of the full units ,she's worked there for 30+ years so she knows what they are. She told me that since it were SONGS employees that did the Whelen upgrade in 2006 they are most likely not scrapped since they gave about 10 of the STL-10s that were apart of the old system to Curry County ,Oregon ,But there is still about 20 More STL-10s and about 26 Model 120s some where. But she told me she will ask the employees were the put the Model 120s after the Whelens went up ,It will take some time since they people who did it don't work there anymore. I will for sure keep you guys updated ,but I will tell man ,if she finds them I will be very very very happy.
Model L wrote:
Fri Feb 09, 2018 6:20 am
if you get any more of these sirens i might be interested. be cool to own one of these gems!
Yeah i'm very anchest to get another one ,but still I cant believe its been 12 years after their replacement ,Even at the time no one even asked about them. But I will tell you I will be very angry if they have been scrapped.
Hope they haven't. i would assume they probably threw some sirens in a storage unit and auctioned them. the stl-10s sold as they were commonly known. however the POW-120's didn't because noone knew what they were.
DJ2226 wrote:
Sat Feb 10, 2018 12:58 am
Your European siren is a Cooper or Eaton WAVES 3108. Whoever installed it must have done the ones for the Albany MCLB, because they look identical. I believe they're equipped with UltraVoices.
Yeah they are Cooper WAVES sirens that are installed around MCAS Camp Pendalton in San Clemente ,CA in 2008 and are a mass notification system for air raids ,they are not apart of the SONGS system though. But since they are on military properrty its hard to identify if they have UVs retofitted. But They look like they just have the standard WAVES controller.

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