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By Donald osmer
I am taking a trip to washington DC with my school in June 2018 and was wondering if somebody could tip me any locations of sirens there. Also a side note does anyone know if the thunderbolt is still on the capitol building
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By Stormsetter4
There was never a Thunderbolt on the capitol building itself; it was on a nearby senate office building. Only a few sirens remain from the old system, which was once one of the largest systems in the U.S. Most are in rural areas outside of D.C. itself.
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By 4J25
Here is another one of Peachtree's maps, "Various Sirens in Maryland." Likely has more in and around the metro area considering D.C. is on the Maryland side of the Potomac.
By Sean juth
Washington DC has a system of DSA but no map
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By Brendan W
If old sirens are what you're after, here are all the ones I know of off hand:

Thunderbolt at Military Rd. and Old Gelbe Rd. in Arlington, VA
Thunderbolt at FD in Acooceek, MD
Thunderbolt on 31st Pl. in Mt. Rainier, MD
Allertor at Silesia FS in MD
Allertor in Arcola, VA at the FD
Allertor at Philomont VFD in VA
Allertor at Lucketts VFD in VA
Headless Thunderbolt at Wheaton, MD's fire station (was a 1003)
By Sean juth
There's a model 5 right next to the allertor is luckett

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