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Hello everyone of ARS. I just wanted to know, what's ur favorite siren? Mine is the original king of sirens, the thunderbolt! Comment your favorite!
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Favorites include any smaller siren (A/J/D/L/etc...) from any manufacturer, the Thunderbolt , of course, and basically anything ACA pre 1980's (excluding the P-50, for they are ludicrously amazing!)
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By coastalsyrolover
I love all sirens. 2 sirens have a special place for me though: the thunderbolt 1000 and the model 5 as I own both and have back stories with both.
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By carexpertandy
The Thunderbolt is my most favorite. :TBolt:

By the way, NKTBOLT, I hope nobody confuses us if we're using the same avatar. :lol:
By connerdstines
Cyclone. A close 2nd would have to be a 4/5 Thunderbolt.
My favorite would have to be a 2001-AC (second gen 2001-SRN) siren.
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By CycloneFan125
My favorite type of sirens are P-50's.

I also really like P-10/15's, Cyclone's, Allertor's, Thunderbolt's, 508's, and XT22's.
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