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By PugetSoundStormWatch
In your opinion, which city has the best ambience of sirens? My choice would be Manhattan, Kansas which has an Allertor, Modulator, T-1000, SD-10, 2T22, Model 5, with many WPS-2810's and 2001 DC's.


^You can clearly hear a 2001, 2810, Allertor, 2T22, and T-1000.

P.S: I did a search and didn't find a topic on this.
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By PeachtreeSirens
The ambiance heard in this video always creeps me out.

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By PugetSoundStormWatch
VASirens wrote:The ambiance heard in this video always creeps me out.

This is basically what I hear once a month, unless the older sirens actually activate for some tests... :problem:
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By DJ2226
Sorry for overloading the page, but I like these. All outside the US and would make me s*** bricks.


Finland: (I know the siren can be seen in this one)




Denmark (Whelen WPS 28XXs... I feel sorry for those drivers)


Nederlands (FS Modulator 1st Gen)

By Mark N
The Boys town ambience was my first favorite. I have really enjoyed some Bethany, OK ambience recordings (there is at least one I've seen, and it was awesome).
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By 3t22
the best I can recall are 2 classics I'm sure most of us old timers will remember. They're both audio recordings: one is titled "bolts&m10" which was recorded in Somerset PA by Steelman Hiles around 2000 of their 2 1003s sounding 2 rounds of attack before switching to rise hi-lo with their 16 port M-10 sounding in attack for a fire call at 2am. Another is from the 1st siren contest titled "onthehill" recorded by Mike Stalnecker which is an 8 port 5 and a 2T22 souding in attack for a fire call in PA. Another good one is another Mike Stalnecker recording of a WS 1000 and 5T sounding in attack in PA. I have all 3 recordings on my desktop I'll dig them up and post them, unless someone else happens to have them on hand.
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