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By Missouri1000Tfan
Old: Federal Signal Thunderbolt series, ACA Allertor 125 (8/12 port)
New: Federal Signal 508, ASC T-128
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By Chem_Boffin_6589
For me it'll be Federal Signal's EOWS 1212, the fully fledged version with the spun aluminium horns. They're just...cool in my mind, and are pretty solid when it comes to speaker arrays. The controllers on the other hand, while they sound great, they are just awful compared to the competitor's sirens and are as reliable as a car with a flat battery. Controller wise my favourite is the Federal MC controller, although it is a digitally toned controller, the rest is analogue, and it sounds great and works really well.

Mechanical wise my favourite siren is probably anything ACA. They are just good and work.
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By Al Lertor
My top five favorite sirens are
For sound
ACA Allertor (9/12)
Federal Thunderbolt 1000T
ACA P-10
ACA Hurricane
Federal SD-10

For appearance
Mobil Directo
ACA Allertor
ACA Hurricane
Federal Thunderbolt
Soundmaster 125

Roadtrip siren-spotting used to be so much fun when there were more of these. It would be cool if they at least painted the newer ones yellow, or a color other than gray.
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