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For the 18:45 test of the 2018 Wisconsin Statewide Tornado Drill I decided to go back down to Milwaukee to re-record the infamous Hurricane one more time. I went down there to kill two birds with one stone. #1 The main reason I went down there was so that my girlfriend could experience the hurricane she said after hearing me talk about it so much that she wanted to experience it her self. Reason #2 is that i wanted to get a good HD recording of it before it was gone. I originally recorded it back in August of 2011 one of my first YouTube videos ever and I did not have the Art of siren recording down by any means I did not use a tripod and accidentally had my camera set to record in 144p. So before you want to rip on me for going back there and record the most recorded siren of all time those were my reasons and to be fair I was one of the original first five people to record it. Anyways Milwaukee county usually tests the second Wednesday of the Month at noon all year round. Thanks for watching please rate comment and subscribe.

Photos of the siren: https://flic.kr/s/aHsma5ht5U

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