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By orestis
It's the annual October nationwide siren test. This time I chose to record this new EVENTECH S-30 siren. EVENTECH is a Greek company which has lately (10 years or so) entered the warning siren field. They are pretty simple in design and compared to VILMA sirens, almost... primitive (Design and quality wise). Also, why they have to implement those plexiglas... salad bowls on top, it's a mystery!

This particular siren and some others are not connected to the central activation system and they are controlled manually. This explains the activation delay and the unsynchronised tones. It was installed on mount Lycabettus, Athens two years ago replacing an old German SIEMENS siren which has served since 1938, one of the sirens that informed the Athenians in 1940 that Greece entered WW2. There are three more SIEMENS sirens installed on Lycabettus foothills, I'm afraid only one is still active, though.

(Strange buzzing sound in camera caused probably by close microwave antennas or something like that)


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