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The Modulators on campus were activated twice today for the severe storm system that rolled through, and I am surprised (somewhat) at how quiet this Modulator was. For the first activation, I was roughly 280 feet away from it, and for the second, I was only 140 feet away, but it was extremely quiet. The voice was much louder than the actual tone. Fortunately, there was no hail or any extreme winds, so no car damage. A tornado warning was issued just north of Greenville, but there was no reported tornado and the sirens did not activate for Pickens County.

I may actually be able to record the sirens again next Wednesday, because they are activated the second Wednesday of every quarter at 11:50 AM.

This Modulator was the one near the Death Valley Stadium, next to the 2001. I'll try to catch that pair on Wednesday, but I don't have my camcorder, so I'll just use my 7 Plus. Good thing it has 4K!

I have noticed from the tests Tyler, TX conducts, I can be standing less than 100' away from our Mods and it's really not that loud. Now, whether or not I'm just not as sensitive to loud noises anymore is a different question.
Its not just you. I've been right near sirens on the UV controller and, to my ears, they have no penetrating or carrying power (as opposed to a Whelen on a 2030 controller which feels like an earthquake even at a distance).

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