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Went out to Decatur yesterday to try and catch some trains, though since I was out there around the time of the siren test, I decided to record that as well, making this my first successful Morgan County siren test! Didn't zoom in all the way on this siren as the wind kept blowing my camera off center of it, and a nearby Whelen (that I think is owned by one of the many plants out here in Decatur) can also be heard doing two cycles of Alert. This siren is located at the corner of AL 67 and AL 20, as seen on the signs.

Morgan County, AL tests on the second Monday of the month at 9:15 AM, weather permitting.

Morgan County, AL Siren Map:
https://www.google.com/maps/@34.4851117 ... 5lEwYqJ4N0

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