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By SirenMadness
Went out and recorded one of Suncor Energy's three Thunderbolt 1003s. Only time I've heard the 'Bolt before was from the train station about three miles away maybe ten years ago, so I thought I'd sneak a view from the park right behind the cemetery, 100 feet from the siren! It's perched maybe fifteen feet off the ground. First impression hearing one up close, I must say it was quite impressive! Packed quite the punch even in hi-lo. My bad about the jumpy camera. :>

Hey, sorry for getting back to you so late. Not sure whether all three went off. I suppose the other two roared to life as well, but standing a stone's throw away from that one, it completely drowned out everything else. The hi-lo timing is a little odd, that's for sure. Shame they test so short.
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