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By WhammyP-50
This is a video from a few days back. This is unit #17 in McKinney, TX. Surprisingly it went off at 12:00 noon on the dot! It was very loud and you could feel it in your chest. A man asked me what was going on, then asked me to translate the siren name into Chinese so he could post a post saying a Whelen WPS 4004 went off in McKinney. Does anyone know what controller this uses to only get to 380-400hz? I'm guessing a 2030 because siren #16 runs the tone the same as this but runs in 560hz alert. I believe that it was rotating faster than it did last time.

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By DJ2226
To answer your question on the controller, it's an ESC-2020. The ESC-2030 have a faster timing to them and the wobbling effect isn't fixed and for some reason slows down as the pitch gets higher and speeds up as the pitch falls. The older ones with the faster tone used to have ESC-864 panels. With the 2020 controller there were two general pitches in alert, 435Hz and 560Hz. Generally the pitch of all of the tones with the 435Hz and glitched 530Hz version were slightly lower than the ones with the 560Hz and glitched 450Hz versions. I say glitched because these were early run 560Hz controllers that couldn't hold their pitch and slip. Yours probably runs at 435Hz in alert or if it's one of the earlier.



ESC-2030 on the same siren


ESC-2020. Notice how this one is slightly higher pitched when it peaks than the one you recording. It probably does 560Hz, maybe 450 if you're lucky, in alert.

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By WhammyP-50
Alrighty thanks for the info! (You learn something every day don't ya!)
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